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Pre-IPO Placement

GSP Investments Ltd. is also actively involved in the private placement market. Large banks, insurance companies and mutual fund managers are continuously seeking ways to raise capital or offload shares by way of a private offer. Sometimes these arrangements provide for a less cumbersome and time consuming approach than the traditional method via the stock exchanges.

Portfolio Management
Our core business at GSP Investments Limited is Portfolio Management. We are currently managing more than 500 investor discretionary accounts (IDA) with a total portfolio size of more than BDT 1707 million. Using state of the art technology and an instant trade execution platform we facilitate trading of instruments listed with Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange’s.
Both Margin & Non-Margin IDA’s may be opened with us with the facility to trade via our network of 38 panel broker branches across Bangladesh. We offer competitive rates for all charges and recently introduced a “Rebate Incentive Scheme” to reward high volume clients in achieving the maximum return on their investment.

Margin Loans
Whenever the opportunity arises we also facilitate creating leverage against equity in your trading account via margin lending. Margin lending is a short term to medium term facility to maximize return on your portfolio by borrowing against the equity in your trading account.                                                       
The margin loan amount is fixed by the Bangladesh Security & Exchange Commission (BSEC) and may vary from time to time as per their directive. Interest rates on margin loans are slightly higher than market rate due to the risky nature of the investment.

Issue Management
GSP Investments Limited has a well equipped and experienced Issue Management Team comprising of seasoned experts and professionals. GSPI act as Manager to the Issue of the Initial Public Offering, Repeat Public Offering, Rights Issues, Pre-IPO Placement, Bond, Debenture, and Preference Share Issues. We also provide corporate advisory services regarding public issuance of securities.

Since our inception in 1999, GSP Investments Ltd. has been actively involved in the underwriting of Initial Public Offerings (IPO); Preference Share offerings; Rights Share issues and Mutual Fund offerings. We have underwritten with 40 companies and total amount is BDT Five hundred Fifty million (Approximately) and continuously strive to be the market leader in this segment. Due to our strong capital base and close association with Asset Management Companies, Financial Institutions, Banks & Insurance Companies we have underwritten most blue chip company shares in Bangladesh and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Custodian Services
GSP Investments Limited is a sponsor and depository participant holder of Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL). Through this platform we manage and control the pay in and pay out of all dematerialized shares being traded on Dhaka &Chittagong Stock Exchanges for our portfolio customers. Clients of GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. that opt to lien their shares as security against a Term Finance or Lease Finance facility may also do so through this service. In addition we can also provide safe keeping of all electronic and physical shares to minimize risk of theft or loss.